Ibiza Eivissa Dalt Vila travel

All about Eivissa

The last time that we visited Ibiza we have driven through the east-side of the Island to discover all its beautiful beaches and small towns. We did this by scooter. I am gonna tell you all about my favorite Ibiza spots of the east side of the island in a series of blogs. And this time it’s gonna be about my favorite city Eivissa.

My favorite city

Eivissa is one of my favorite places in the world, I even think it is my favorite city. If you personally know me, then you know that I lost my heart to Paris. Paris is always like a dream to me and I can’t visit the city of love too often. However, I am not a big city girl either. I am not into crowded streets and magnitude. Eivissa is a really small city compared to cities like Paris and Rome. I think I am passing my ‘favorite city’ on from Paris to Eivissa.

Ibiza Eivissa Dalt Vila travel


The most special thing about Eivissa is that I don’t feel time ticking when I am there. Almost every city breathes stress, everyone is in a hurry and the streets are so crowded that you have to watch every step you set. Eivissa is the most peaceful city I have ever experienced. It looks like the people here don’t know the meaning of the word stress. There is so much relaxed ambiance and everyone is so extremely kind. The vibes in Eivissa are the best I have ever experienced.

Ibiza Eivissa Dalt Vila travel


A big contrast can be seen in the city; there is a modern part and there is an old part of Eivissa. The modern part is around the centre of the city. In my eyes is is just like a normal Spanish city, nothing extraordinary. But when you walk towards the harbour  you slowly enter the heart of Ibiza. The streets are very old and traditional and they have so much ambiance.

You can walk all the way up (Eivissa lays on a small moutain/hill) to have a breathtaking view of Eivissa, Figueretas and if you watch closely you can even spot Playa d’en Bossa. But I am warning you; it is not a silly a climb.

Ibiza Eivissa Dalt Vila travel

Streets of Eivissa

The streets in the old part of town are very small and historic. The vibes in the streets are chic and bohemian in the same time, which for me makes the perfect combination. Ibiza has her own style and you can recognize it everywhere in this city. I am crázy of this city.

Ibiza hotspots:

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