About Sanne Herssevoort

My name is Sanne Herssevoort and I am super excited to tell you all about my two passions: fashion and travel.

But let’s start at the beginning; I was born in the Netherlands in the year of 1999, in a small city near Rotterdam. At an early age my love for fashion created itself, as soon as I could talk I told my mom I wanted to pick all my own clothes. I have always been such a girly-girl, at the age of six I was walking towards the pool with way too big sunglasses on my nose and a cute handbag as armcandy. This, I still am nowadays. I would describe my fashion style as sophisticated and classy with a small touch of edgy and in a layer of high fashion.

I always knew I wanted to do something with fashion but I also wanted to be my own boss. That’s why I am currently studying ‘Entrepreneurship and Retail Management’. I am also very interested in psychology and photography and in my free time I play tennis.

My love for traveling developed over the years, as a kid I always dreamed big and I still do. With my parents I went abroad a lot, we love visiting warm countries. But I also had the desire to really travel, I wanted to see everything that the earth has to offer. I especially love visiting undeveloped countries, in those places I don’t feel the time ticking like I do in the Netherlands.

This website is all about appreciating the beauty of the earth. A lot of people do this in a lot of different ways. For me this is about exploring new places and cultures but also about art. Art is for many people a painting hanging in a museum. For me, art is everything. Art is architecture, art is fashion and art is people. Life is art. I would love to make you enthusiastic about my favorite things that life has to offer.

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Sanne Herssevoort portrait
Portrait picture of Sanne Herssevoort.