Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort Eivissa Dalt Vila

Ibiza: another setback

After a horrible first day on the island Ibiza, in San Antonio Bahia, we decided this was not the place we were going to spend our vacation. And moreover this was also not the way we were going too spend our vacation. We were stuck in our hotel; that was a fact. So what else could we do?

Option one: hire a car

We wanted to hire a car, so we could go to the other parts of Ibiza with the most amazing beaches. But it is pretty hard to hire a car lastminute in the peak season of Ibiza, I can tell you. We looked for deals online and we also went to car rentals nearby. However, no single car was available.

A local tipped us to go back to the airport, because there are a lot of car rentals there. So that’s what we did. We took a cab to the airport and we tried every car rental there but almost a whole other day has gone to waste. It demotivated us so much. In short; hiring a car was not a possibility.

We already wasted two days on this wonderful island to stress. How could we, in one of the most stress free places on earth? At the airport we took a cab to a place we definitely loved; Eivissa. The second we drove through the old city my heart opened. It felt very much like coming home.

Eivissa Ibiza Old Town Dalt Vila

– I am definitely gonna go into details about Eivissa and about where my love for Ibiza comes from, but I will do this in another blog. –

Port of Ibiza

We had the best time that night and enjoyed a wonderful dinner in one of the restaurants along the harbour. The port of Ibiza is absolutely amazing and especially at night -I am talking about the peakseason right now- when the port is full of yachts. I can look at them for hours and I won’t get bored for a second.

There is a difference between yachts and yachts and trust me, those yachts in the front of the harbour are the last kind of yachts. We are talking about the biggest yachts in the world, that can be found here in the peakseason, with a staff of 50 people just on board. Let’s just say that it is a nice view to have while having dinner.

Port of Ibiza Eivissa Sanne Herssevoort

The streets of Eivissa

Eivissa has tiny historic streets that are almost the opposite of the harbor, which makes Eivissa super special, the combination of the two is amazing. The streets in the old part of town are very small and in the biggest part of this place cars are forbidden so you can walk freely where ever you want. The vibes in the streets are chic and bohemian in the same time, which for me makes the perfect combination. Ibiza has her own style and you can recognise it everywhere, but not in San Antonio Bahia, trust me, haha.


Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort Eivissa Dalt Vila

After our wonderful night in Eivissa it was time to go back to our hotel, it was so hard to leave this place; a place we loved, in exchange for a place we almost horrified. You would believe it would be easy to just book a hotel in the city but that is very much untrue, if we could; we would, believe me.

We made the best of that day, but how could we make the best of all the other days that were left? That was still a good question.

Eivissa, Dalt Vila or Ibiza Old Town -you can call it however you wanna call it. I prefer Eivissa, this is how locals acknowlegde the city too. 

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