Cala Vadella Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

Cala Vadella Ibiza

The last time that we visited Ibiza we have driven through the east-side of the Island to discover all its beautiful beaches and small towns. We did this by scooter. I am gonna tell you all about my favorite Ibiza spots of the east side of the island in a series of blogs. And this time it’s gonna be about Cala Vadella.

Cala Vadella is a quiet and peaceful beach, which makes it is almost the opposite of Cala Comte.  It is also ideal for kids because there is a playground in the corner of the beach along the beach clubs.

The water

I love swimming in the sea but in Cala Vadella I would rather lay on my towel. The water isn’t really clear and I even think it is dirty. When we were there, there were also a lot of jellyfish. I don’t know if that’s always case but it was in my situation. I think this is a big con.

Cala Vadella Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort


Cala Vadella isn’t really big, but it also isn’t really small. You have to drive up and down the hills/mountains to reach the beach. There are a lot of beach clubs and nice restaurants to have some lunch or just to have a good cocktail. There aren’t very much shops but there is a really cute bohemian one on the beach. It is funny to see that the shop owner is sunbathing on the beach in front of her store if no one is inside, something you would never see in the Netherlands.

Cala Vadella Ibiza Sanne HerssevoortIbiza Sanne Herssevoort

This place is very peaceful and it was nice to have visited this beach, but I wouldn’t do it again soon. I think this beach is more for you if you are a family with children. The ambience here is really nice and people are very kind. Especially at the beginning of the beach, right under the big three, the ambience is really relaxed.

A lot of Dutch people can be found on this beach, I personally don’t like that. And for me it’s a big con that the water is kind of dirty. I really missed swimming that day.

If your plan is just renting a sunbed and sipping on a cocktail this beach could be something for you, otherwise I would look for another beach. Luckily I have a few worked out for you.

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