Sunset Ashram

Cala Comte Ibiza

The last time that we visited Ibiza we have driven through the east-side of the Island to discover all its beautiful beaches and small towns. We did this by scooter. I am gonna tell you all about my favorite Ibiza spots of the east side of the island. An this time it’s gonna be about Cala Comte.

I have been wanting to visit Cala Comte for quite a while now, I have visited Ibiza year after year and yet I never visited this place. The reason I never visited this place before is because it was on the other side of the island then where we were staying. This year I finally did.


I visited Cala Comte during the peak season of summer by scooter. At first, we wanted to rent a car to discover Ibiza but I am glad we didn’t. Parking would have been a disaster almost everywhere. And yes, also in Cala Comte. It is very hard to find a parking spot because this place is really popular.


I have to tell you first: don’t expect a quiet beach day when you are visiting Cala Comte, the beach is rather small and popular so it gets overcrowded very easily. If you want a normal spot to lay your towel you have to be really early, and even if you think you found your perfect spot people will lay their towels less than 50 cm next from you. That’s why we didn’t stay here all day. We did visit Cala Comte on a Sunday, so there were a lot of locals too. Tip: visit in the weekends.

Cala Comte Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

Crystal clear water

Some people don’t mind what the colour of the sea looks like. I am that type of person who does mind. I can get crazy about the blueness of the sea. Cala Comte is the kind of beach you can get absolutely fond of when you are the same type of person as I am. The water is so blue, so clear and so pretty.


Cala Comte Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

Sunset Ashram 

You mast have heard of this place; Sunset Ashram is a understanding in Ibiza. The bay and this restaurant bar is known for its amazing sunset. I only was here by daylight so I can’t judge. But I definitely will come back to watch the sunset here. This place is very peaceful and the vibes are amazing, everyone is tying to making the most of their moment.

Besides Sunset Ashram, there are a few other beach clubs/bars, but there isn’t much choice. The beach lays very remote so you are dependent of the few beach clubs/bars that are located in Cala Comte.

Sunset Ashram


Cala Comte is the best place for snorkeling. The water is very clear and there are a lot of fish swimming in the shallow, there is also a bit of coral what is super pretty. If you swim a little bit further in the sea, where it isn’t shallow anymore, you will notice that there is no fish inside. Very remarkable.

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