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Mass production of fashion

Nowadays we live in an era of mass production and I don’t think this is a good thing. The world is becoming overdeveloped very fast and people can’t keep up with adjusting to this in the same speed as the world is changing. I can go into this deeply and tell you all about the psychological research but I don’t think it really suits my audience, so I won’t unless you want me to. This blog, I am only gonna talk about the mass production of clothing and it’s cheap price.

Sanne Herssevoort


There are so many mass fashion chains in the world and also in the Netherlands. For example: Primark, Zara, H&M, Mango, Bershka and Pull and Bear. I am just naming a few, there are dozens. I know people who buy 10 pieces of clothing a month to throw it away just after two months of wearing. Because of two reasons. Reason 1 is the price, clothing is so cheap you can buy yourself an entire new wardrobe each month. The second reason is the quality, because of the price the quality is bad (obviously) what means the clothing will be thrown away. We live in a discard society and we create so much pollution.

I am trying to not give in to the absurt low prices but sometimes it is hard for me too. I do now that everytime I do give in, I get regret after. I have fashion items hanging in my closet with price tags on it, they have been hanging there for almost a year. I am ashamed for it. We buy too easily. Now I am trying to only invest in beautiful items that really add value to my closet. Quality over quantity, always. I am gonna sell all my fashion items that don’t spark joy anymore. Yes I am gonna start Kon Mari, haha.


On the other side, I think it is a beautiful thing that fashion can be produced with such a low price. People with less income can enjoy fashion too. They don’t have to pay a lot of money to wear nice clothing and they won’t feel disadvantaged. Some people just don’t really care about fashion and the clothing that they are wearing; they can save a lot of money on this too.

Everything has its good and bad sides.

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