Formentera and Ibiza, San Antonio Bahia

My, not so good, experience with San Antonio Bahia, Ibiza

This summer was good, I had spend it in two amazing places; Rome and Mallorca. Unfortunately the summerbreak was coming to an end and I still was kind of missing something. I only had 1.5 week left of the big summerbreak but I still wasn’t ready to let go of the sun yet, I needed to catch some glimpses of the sun. We were looking for Torremolinos, Creta and Croatia but we compared everything with Ibiza, and nothing compares to that.

I had always thought last minutes are the cheapest. Well guess what, if it comes to Ibiza everything is just only more expensive. For years we have stayed in Figueretas but this time we wanted something different. Eventhough we still wanted the sea and some nice shops at a walking distance. The only place that was left was in San Antonio Bahia, my mom didn’t hesitate and booked, just a couple days before departure. The website told us San Antonio Bahia had it all, I quote, ‘a magnificent beach at only a 100 meters’.

Our journey

It has been a rough night, we left our home at 2 A.M. with barely two hours of sleep. By the time we arrived at the airport, checked in and went through security, my watch already said 3:30 A.M. We had breakfast at Starbucks and we were ready for our departure.

The moment I saw the island from my plane window I felt like I was home. The first thing we saw was the beautiful view of Ibiza’s little sister: Formentera. An island with truly Caribbean waters. It didn’t take long until my favorite place of the entire world was in sight too, we saw the beautiful south-west coast of the island with it’s amazing cliffs.

Formentera and Ibiza islands
A view of Formentera from the plane window.

The second we stepped our feet out of the airport we were overwhelmed with the amazing smell of the trees and I could already feel the free spirit vibes of Ibiza. This was gonna be an amazing week. We had a private transfer to our hotel, which was located in the north-west side of the Island, somewhere we had never been before.

The hotel

We were super enthusiastic and excited to see our ‘new place’, because we know the magic of Ibiza with it’s wonderful villages and beaches, we didn’t expect otherwise. We were heading towards the mountains and the views in the cab were beautiful. But suddenly the cab stopped right next to a construction site in San Antonio Bahia. Me and my mom exchanged some glances. The street from our hotel wasn’t nearly as nice as what we were used to. The stores around our hotel were cheap souvenirshops, nothing like we had in mind. There were restaurants but they were very cheap with no ambiance. We didn’t want to prejudice yet;  because we came here for the sun and the beach right? So we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, grabbed our towels and went straight to the beach.

We had to walk 20 meteres straight ahead and there it was; the ‘beach’ was at our left. It was a very tiny bay, we had no idea what we were seeing. Not that there is something wrong with a bay, don’t mistaken me; we have had a wonderful time a couple years earlier when we stayed at a bay in Mallorca: Cala D’or.

But this, you just couldn’t call it a beach. The water was so dirty I wouldn’t even dip my toe into the water. The beach was very small and it was right next to a parking lot. So in between tanning sessions you would have had the wonderful smell of gasoline and the breathtaking view of cars. There was no open sea or horizon to look at; right across from us was San Antonio de Portmany. Don’t let me forget to mention that almost half the beach was occupied by a tent that rented jetski’s. Also; literally no one was at the beach, I could understand why. But enough about the beach because I can go on like this for hours, I think you get it.

Anyway, we called the organisation where we booked. We wanted another hotel because we were feeling so unhappy at this location. The voucher told us if we were unhappy with the hotel we just had to call, so that is what we did. We couldn’t reach anyone in the first two hours and when we finally did, the man on the phone told us he would go look what he could do for us. For more than four hours it kept quiet. So we called again, we didn’t have any place to go because he told us not to check in yet.

We sat in a restaurant and visited some of the cheap souvenirshops, the only shops that were there. He told us he was in a meeting and that he would get in touch with us soon, again; he did not. We decided to check in, almost a whole day has already gone to waste. Long story short: after a couple of days he told us that we could change to a hotel in Figueretas for over 2.000 euros but we only had three days left. I think you can understand how we felt about that proposal.

I know I sound like a total bret right now; but I am not. In the 18 years of my life we only had this once before; it was in Lake Garda in Italy. My mom didn’t hesitate that time and booked another place in Italy were we went and spend our vacation. This time it wasn’t that easy.

-Most people go on a vacation for the sun. Aslong as they have the sun they are happy. There are also people, people like my sister, who are more than happy with only a swimming pool. You must understand this was such a disaster for me and my mom because we practically live for the beach. We were used to amazing beaches for our entire life and my favorite beaches ever can be found on Ibiza. So we expected much from this holiday too. The reason we came here was the beach, at walking distance. –

I will give you a spoiler: we managed to have an amazing week in Ibiza, even though we stayed at the same hotel at the super sh*t location. If you are curious how we made the best out of it you should definitely be reading my next posts about Ibiza.

Ibiza travel diary video

Travel in Ibiza, San Antonio Bahia


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