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My year 2018

While writing this blog, there are only 7 days of 2018 left. This year went by so fast and I enjoyed every minute of it. This was my year.

The month december always makes me a bit emotional, like it does to a lot of people. It makes me reflect the past year and I realize how truly amazing 2018 was for me. I am glad to say that I really made the best of this year. I made harde choices and I grew so much as a person because of it.


In business, this year has been good to me too. But I actually prefer to say that I have been good to this year. I got a new job, a job I actually really like. With some previous jobs I felt  time ticking so slowly when working, I just hated it. I don’t have that anymore. I like my job and I know little people can say the same so I am very grateful. I also got my ‘propedeuse’ for the Dutchies between us. I fulfilled the first ‘selection year’ of my study with 60/60 study points and I also started my own fashion business: Saint Rose Fashion. You will be hearing more about that.

Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort Eivissa


I have seen a lot of places this year, something I am really grateful for. My first trip was this April and it was a life changing one. I travelled all the way to Nepal. In the month June I was lucky enough to visit Rome, I visited Rome the year before too and I never thought it would take only a year for me to come back. After Rome came Mallorca and after Mallorca came Ibiza.

I have so many things I want to share from my trips. So stay tuned because blogs about my travels are coming your way very soon.

travel rome fontana di trevi


I don’t like talking about my private life very much so I am keeping this brief. Two people I hold very dearly got married this April, they have been together for 10 years. I moved. I got my drivers license. I got a puppy, it is a German Shepherd and her name is Nova. I started Instagram, what turned out great so far. I love sharing my style. I made a lot of new friends this year. I finally bought a designer bag I have been wanting since forever .Oh, and I got a new haircut. I love it.

2018 was my year. 2019 will be my year, too.

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