• Sunset Ashram

    Cala Comte Ibiza

    The last time that we visited Ibiza we have driven through the east-side of the Island to discover all its beautiful beaches and small towns. We did this by scooter. I am gonna tell you all about my favorite Ibiza spots of the east side of the island. An this time it’s gonna be about Cala Comte. I have been wanting to visit Cala Comte for quite a while now, I have visited Ibiza year after year and yet I never visited this place. The reason I never visited this place before is because it was on the other side of the island then where we were staying. This year…

  • Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

    Ibiza: the last travel diary

    Ibiza, the place where I left my heart. I lost my heart to Ibiza the years before, but especially this year I did. We saw só much of the island and all though I am not fond of every city on this island, I am fond of almost 99% of Ibiza. I can’t imagine a place where I would rather be. Ibiza 2018: for everything you have read, until now, it doesn’t sound much like a succes I guess. But it was. We had a disappointing first couple of days but we finally managed to make the best of our time there. We hired scooters. At first, I wasn’t up…

  • Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort Eivissa Dalt Vila

    Ibiza: another setback

    After a horrible first day on the island Ibiza, in San Antonio Bahia, we decided this was not the place we were going to spend our vacation. And moreover this was also not the way we were going too spend our vacation. We were stuck in our hotel; that was a fact. So what else could we do? Option one: hire a car We wanted to hire a car, so we could go to the other parts of Ibiza with the most amazing beaches. But it is pretty hard to hire a car lastminute in the peak season of Ibiza, I can tell you. We looked for deals online and…

  • Sanne Herssevoort, Fashion, fashiondesigner
    Fashion,  Mindset

    How I figured out my dreams

    As a little girl, it was my dream to become a fashion designer. A dream I gave up on on the age of 14, because I thought it wasn’t realistic. I got into psychology and that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, at least I thought so. Choosing a path in life In my final year of high school it was time to make a choice for my further education. I visited a lot of psychology and psychology related studies, but I just didn’t had the feeling that that was ‘it’. Even though I was so interested in psychology and I still am. Likewise…

  • Formentera and Ibiza, San Antonio Bahia

    My, not so good, experience with San Antonio Bahia, Ibiza

    This summer was good, I had spend it in two amazing places; Rome and Mallorca. Unfortunately the summerbreak was coming to an end and I still was kind of missing something. I only had 1.5 week left of the big summerbreak but I still wasn’t ready to let go of the sun yet, I needed to catch some glimpses of the sun. We were looking for Torremolinos, Creta and Croatia but we compared everything with Ibiza, and nothing compares to that. I had always thought last minutes are the cheapest. Well guess what, if it comes to Ibiza everything is just only more expensive. For years we have stayed in Figueretas…