Es Vedra Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

Es Vedra and its myths

The last time that we visited Ibiza we have driven through the east-side of the Island to discover all its beautiful beaches and small towns. We did this by scooter. I am gonna tell you all about my favorite Ibiza spots of the east side of the island. And this time it’s gonna be about Es Vedra and all its myths.

Es Vedra Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

While standing at a height of 400 meteres, we are looking at the mystical island Es Vedra. Es Vedra lays right across from Cala d’Hort. In between the waters of Es Vedra and Cala d’Hort lay a few boats. It is remarkable that they don’t get too close to the big rock laying in the sea. There are so much myths and legends about this place, which makes Es Vedra super interesting.


Together with the north pole and the Bermuda Triangle Es Vedra is the most magnetic place in the world. Direct compassses don’t work in this area and even pigeons lose their sense of direction whilst flying over the island. The rock is claimed to hold a maximum concentration of energy, similar to that of the Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island.

Tip of the lost city Atlantis

Another belief is that Es Vedra is the tip of the sunken city Atlantis. You can even visit the ‘lost city’ by a 2 hour, kind of dangerous, hike. Locals will deny everything you say about Atlantis this but if you google ‘Ibiza Atlantis hike’ you will find enough information to visit this ‘city’.


There are a lot people who claim to have seeen UFO’s hovering above Es Vedra, others even believe that there is a secret UFO base under the sea with Es Vedra being the gateway. Reports of odd objects and circles of light emerging from the sea by local fishermen have only added to these particular myths.

There are way more legends and mythes about this magical rock, if you are interested you can Google it yourself. Whether or not all of this is true, many believe that Es Vedra is possessed of positive healing and creatively-inspiring energy.

Es Vedra Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

If you are in possession of a boat I would definitely recommend visiting Es Vedra, but don’t come too close to the rock because who knows what will happen.. It is an ideal snorkeling place because of its clear water and there are only a few people who come here by boat. Above all; the view is breathtaking.

Es Vedra Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

Es Vedra Ibiza Sanne Herssevoort

The road to the view of Es Vedra is pretty steep, you have to follow the signs to Cala d’Hort. We drove by scooter and I was kind of tense while driving all the way up if I am honest. I hadn’t expected such a steep road to Cala d’Hort, I had never driven on a mountain before in my life.

Watch Es Vedra in my travel diary video

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